Commercial and Residential Film

At Suntech, our architectural films are designed to improve aesthetics, energy costs, and privacy. They can also provide comfort by reducing heat, glare, and ultraviolet light. We offer an extensive selection of films so you can choose the best one that complements the interior of your home or business space. In addition, all our films are scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and available in long-term warranties.

Decorative Film

This adds a distinctive look of etched glass to your environment, create visual appeal, and help address privacy concerns. Our expert team can incorporate custom logos or designs on interior glass walls, adding a very unique and personalized touch to any residential or commercial space. We provide a wide variety of frosted designs and colors in different levels of transparency without compromising the beauty of natural light.

Safety and Security Film

Adding an invisible layer of protection to all glass surfaces, this type of film helps protect against the dangers of glass breakage due to weather, theft, and accidents. Our products have especially bonded layers that can keep occupants safe against glass cracks. We also use different levels of thickness depending on the extent of the hazard.

Our films provide added security to various establishments, such as:

  • Schools

  • Retail Storefronts

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Airports

  • Hospitals

Casper Cloaking Film by Designtex

Cloaking technology is an architectural film designed for transparency and confidentiality. This is most often used in conference room settings where sensitive materials are being displayed and data privacy is needed. Optically clear, this film obscures information displayed on most LCD and LED screens while allowing complete visibility into the room.

Solar Control Film

With this film, there’s no need for dark, thick curtains for relief from the sun’s heat. Solar films provide high-heat reduction, helping improve comfort and protect furnishings inside your home.

Anti-Graffiti Film

Made specifically for protection against vandalism, this heavy-duty film will help keep the exterior of your windows safe and secure from all forms of graffiti. These include scratches and acid-etching gouges.

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